Do You Love Us?

We adore you!  We love that you let us be part of your hair adventure, continually support us, laugh with us, welcome us into your lives, entertain us with your stories, and tell your friends about us.  You've seen us at our best and worst as we've grown and changed over the years.  Seriously, we would not be the salon that we are and love without you, so thank you for your love and support.  Whether you've told your friends, family, or stranger about us we thank you for loving us (and your hair) that much!  

Real Word of Mouth is a review site where you can continue to spread that love for us and other businesses.  The great thing about this site is that you can tell the world about B Parlor as a whole or rave about your favorite stylist on their individual page.  Check it out and keep shining that love.